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Debs and MiaHoly Moly. It's 2010, I'm married and have a child; who's simply gorgeous in my totally unbiased opinion. This clearly means that this is no longer the web home just of Mark Begbie, but is now the home to Debs, Marcail, Mark and Mia all under one roof. In fact, you can see Debs and Mia to the left atop Blackness Castle on the Forth estuary

If you want to have a good look at Marcail then you'll see some pictures in the photo galleries which now have their own dedicated index page. I will try to keep these reasonably up to date, though I can't promise anything. All the more personal pictures and snaps will be here, rather than on my flickr account which is more about the photography than the subject matter. There's also a blog on the site, which by its nature is easier to update and, so, more likely to have the latest news on it.

New Content Everyone! - No, really! Finally, after A YEAR of inactivity, there is now some new content. As well as the recent update with new photos, there is also a new galleries page, which brings together the photos in one place..

Remember, way back then? Well, 2007 was a very good year. Very good indeed. In fact, it couldn't have got off to a quicker and better start really with the first day of the rest of my life on January the 1st. Another family member (elect). What a great start! Then in May, the lady in question moved to the UK with her possessions and dog, Mia. Then on October the 27th, 2007, we tied the knot and became man and wife. So, all in all, it was quite a year.

I cycle. Not a vast amount, but quite a lot. If you only follow one link from here, please, follow this one and read the article it takes you to. I have a lot to give this world, but this could so easily have been written about me.

As is the way of things in this modern world of ours, we all have the ability to launch our own personal soap box on the World Wide Web. So, here you are having tripped over mine, or been dragged here kicking and screaming, the result is the same, you're here.

So, first off, that is me on the right. I'm Mark. I'm also a Begbie, not the only one by any measure or means, but in my vanity I own this domain. I've been kicking around the planet in one way or another since 1970, born in the year of the dog and I'm a Scorpio - if that's important. Life is never simple, straightforward and easy. if it seems to be all three of these at the same time, then may I politely suggest that you may be missing something fundamental somewhere. If you check and discover that the above applies and you have not missed anything, the please track me down and tell me your secret!

Whilst there doesn't seem a lot to say at the moment, there are one or two little bits and pieces that it may be worth my while sharing. If you want to know what I do for a living, then you can find out about my professional life. There's even a bit about the family, but to be honest there's so little there it's hardly worth the click.

I have a liking for photography, buying my first SLR when I was a student. One of the things that didn't work in the past for me was the cost of taking photos, which meant I only ever took a small number. But with the dawn of digital that has all changed, and I have learnt more about taking photos in the last two or three years than in all the time leading up to then. Not that I'm saying that's a lot, mind you, but it's a step change.



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