Our Wedding - With Pictures


Welcome to the wedding information page. It's getting close now, and we're getting excited. A lot of people will be coming over from continental North America, which is very gratifying, and we are greatly looking forward to seeing you, one and all. Hopefully there will be some information here that is of use.

First of all, you can see a portable document format [.pdf] version of the Save The Date mailing if you want some information about Edinburgh and Scotland for coming to the wedding. This has got some information on hotels and the like, as well as links to other information sources.


The New New information:

After much pestering, moaning and generally ungentlemanly behaviour [you know who you are David!] they are here. Well the first batch are at least. There will be more to follow in the future, but hopefully this will get you all off to a roaring start. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, and in colour, Debs and Mark's Web Wedding Album. The main images in the gallery are 1500 pixels along the longer axis, so these will print perfectly at 6x4 inches. They should print pretty darn good up to 10x6, I'd expect. Feel free to download any that you want and to get them printed. If you want bigger files for high quality enlargements, then feel free to ask. I can email your physical address to the mental health authorities, and they will ensure that you are no longer a danger to society.

The Old "New" Information:

Weather: It has started to get quite autumnal in the last few days. It could all change completely, of course, but at the moment it is mainly cold and clear. That's not Ottawa cold mind you, but it does tend to remain quite humid here when the temperature drops, with the result that the cold can be quite penetrating when it's intohe single figure degrees Centigrade. If you want to know what's going on, then the BBC has a good weather page.

We've created a map with Google Maps which has pointers to places of importance / note / beauty around the wedding. You can move the map around and zoom in and out - use the buttons on the top left. When you zoom in you'll see exactly where everything for the weekend is and there are text bubbles associated with each point of interest to give you a little more information; these appear when you click on one of the pins in the map.

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The venue for the wedding is The RCPE frontageRoyal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, which is at 9 Queen Street, in the very heart of Edinburgh's New Town. The college has a website and we've got a live map with the venue arrowed. There is some interesting information about the college at the Gazetteer for Scotland which also has a lot of general and historical information about Scotland.


The Scottish Tourist Board have a lot of information on places to stay and you can also make hotel and guesthouse reservations through their website at VisitScotland.com.

List of Edinburgh Hotels (hotel details and prices):





For US and Canadian citizens, you don't need a visa to travel to the UK for a short holiday. You may want to check up on how long your passport has before it expires as I think you might need at least 6 months left on it to get in to the UK . For European Union citizens you technically don't even need your passport.
For travel to Scotland the nearest airports are Edinburgh and Glasgow, both of which have a list of airlines and destinations for all the direct connections; which these links take you straight to. This might be a useful way to find a city near to you, or which you can easily get a flight to, which will then bring you here in one more hop.
The main way to find information on timetables and to book national rail journeys in the UK is through TheTrainLine. It's a bit of a 'mare to use, you have to create a user name before the site will give you detailed timetabling information for instance, but you don't really have much choice if you want to book a long distance train. For trains within Scotland First Scotrail have a much more useable site.
Currency and Exchange
It's the Pound over here, not the Euro as in the rest of Europe! A good and easy site for the exchange rate is www.xe.com if you want to work out the finances.