So, just a very basic page which is a link gateway to the various photo galleries that we have. Hopefully that way it will be quicker to add new galleries, prune out the dead wood and provide a single place to look for new updates. So, in reverse chronological order:

For all those following our lovely daughter through the blog, there is a gallery of Marcail through 2010

Our friend Shona can book a great place called Woodlands, in Kingussie, as an alumnus of Moray House teacher training college. She booked it again for the start of April 2010 and we had a great time.

It was also my sister-in-law's 50th birthday. There was a bit of a bash in Finzean village hall with 5 of the next generation playing in a band for the night. I hope you enjoy, and I promise, I will try to keep things updated a bit more regularly in future.

Here's a photo gallery of what we got up to at New Year, or Hogmannay as we Scots call it. It was blistering cold for a couple of days, down below -10 Celcius which was great - the first proper winter temperatures I've had in this country since I stopped ice climbing (boo hoo). On the way home we stopped off at Loch Morlich, which is at the edge of the Cairngorm mountains, below the ski area and the northern corries. It turned out to be completely frozen and apparently to a good old depth. So we took Doglet out for a walk on the ice and got some lovely photos. Perfect end to a great trip.

And now, and in colour, The Kitchen Saga

Bringing it all together
Taking it back to basics
The house that Mark bought

Beastly Adventures!
Life in 2006

Random pics I'm proud of

And remember kids, be careful with that chip pan.